Ecclesiastes 1:1-11….faith, pessimism and doubt.

I have uploaded a recent 1500 word paper on the above passage

My conclusion is;

Longman concludes that the book and hence this passage is about busting and breaking down the idols in our life. Wealth, health, position and possession and while our minds are set on these things – we are under the sun. However for us, as Christians we are to keep our minds on a heavenly focus, one that focuses on Christ’s death and resurrection and the hope therein.

Without detracting from this train of thought; I would like to add that within the whole cannon of Scripture within a Christian understanding; this book gives us great freedom andpermission to grieve, lament and voice our inner despair, to doubt and to be overwhelmed – for after all we do live in a fallen world. One in which we will experience such things. And yet; despite our experience of brokenness– we are encouraged not to stop there – rather, we are to continue to live within the tension of the hope we have in Christ Jesus.

(c) Craig Bennett – April 2009.

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