Earth 2

Captain Kathryn Janeway
Captain Kathryn Janeway (Photo credit: Tram Painter)

In early November 1994, a show premiered with a female lead called Earth 2. I remember watching this show when I was, um, younger but I cannot remember much. So, I’m watching it again.

Like most things rewatched when one is aware of certain things, several aspects of the show stand out – especially the use of religion (at least in the early episodes). A variation of the Lord’s prayer is uttered during a crash scene. Later, when the group must bury one of their own, an android gives the eulogy, begging forgiveness, some grace, as they had not buried one in generations. Later, a dust to dust theology was explained to the children.

There is, if you remember, an Avatar type of earth religion in play. First, children are dying because they are no longer connected to earth. The aliens, then, are really, really connected to the planet.

The acting is a bit, um, boring… but it was never really given the chance develop. But, again, a female lead… before Janeway.

If you get a chance, check it out.

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