Early Rabbinic Texts Online

At present this site contains only early Halakhic traditions, but I am planning to add early Agadic traditions. The membership scheme will pay for the time needed to do this. The texts themselves are all presented freely, but within a very strict Fair Use policy.  The hover-helps for dating and definitions are not part of the translations, and should be used with care, because they have been added automatically and may not have been checked. Every care has been taken to present the texts accurately, but errors are inevitable, especially in some texts which have been scanned. Therefore when citing a text for academic purposes DO NOT RELY ON THE TEXT FOUND ON THIS SITE – ALWAYS CITE THE PUBLISHED WORK.

My hope is that this site will encourage further study of these important traditions and encourage purchases of the paper versions of the translations, many of which have been unduly neglected. The paper editions usually contain helps and footnotes which are very helpful, as well as providing the reader with a better overall ‘feel’ for the nature and quality of these works.


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