Earliest memory of God… Well.. There was this one time

So, last night during the renewal service, the preacher asked about our earliest memory of God. You know, how where you introduced to the Christian life. Stuff like that.

A lot of nice stories.

I have two, and not sure the temporal distance which separates the two.

The first one had me coming home from a weekend at the parental side of my DNA to my mother and step-father. I remember telling that they were going Hell drinking a beer. Good stuff, right?

My second one involved a bus driver and vacation Bible school. I really don’t know the church but I do know it was just me and my sister who went. One day as I was getting off the bus, the bus driver handed me a little red New Testament. I don’t remember everything he said I can still see the smile and hear the emotion in his voice.

I would prefer to remember the second memory but both make up who I am. Indeed, I think that remembering the first memory is something that will make me a better person in the future.

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