EABS Graduate Symposium 2013: Call for Papers

EABS is excited to announce its fifth graduate symposium, which will take place in Sheffield on the weekend of March 22-24, 2013.  The symposium, which seeks to engender an intimate, supportive atmosphere for dialogue across a variety of biblical studies subfields (OT, NT, DSS, early Christianity, rabbinics, etc.), welcomes PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers to present on a topic related to their research area.  Participants may format their presentation as they see fit: paper, seminar discussion, workshop session, or another form.

via European Association of Biblical Studies | EABS Graduate Symposium 2013: Call for Papers | European Association of Biblical Studies.

Someone was asking about this on Facebook… here you go….

Trust me, if I had the money to fly to Europe for those days, I’d submit.

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