Dumbing down theology?

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This sort of goes with last week’s discussion on the Church of England’s attempt at making baptismal ceremonies easier for the unChurched. ]] proposes that for believers, maybe we should make ‘God-talk’ not easier, but more difficult. I tend to agree with him, actually. What if we actually made the lay person know those deeper theological concerns?

Last fall “The Economist” reported on new research by Daniel Oppenheimer, a Princeton University psychologist, which suggests that if you want people to learn something “make the text conveying the information harder to read.” “The Economist” comments that one of the perennial paradoxes of education “is that presenting information in a way that looks easy to learn often has the opposite effect. Numerous studies have demonstrated that when people are forced to think hard about what they are shown they remember it better.”

via Duke Divinity Call & Response Blog | Faith & Leadership | Michael Jinkins: Incomprehensible theology.

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