Driscoll takes on Junia and Priscilla… Wonder what he would have to say about Mary?

It’s not that Driscoll doesn’t know how to shut up – it’s that his doctrines are disgustingly prideful, filled with contempt for others and based upon only what he assumes to be correct. There is no examination of Tradition or logic. Here, he easily states that the reason that a church in Britain is not growing is due to the fact that a woman is the pastor. And yet… logically, the fact that Christianity is declining in the West were men are still the predominant clergy one would tend to think that maybe Christianity is in decline because of exclusive male leadership:

Brierley: Well we’re not a huge church, unlike yours, but I’d say there’s two or three probably in the last year who certainly, yah, I’d say have come to Christ in a pretty meaningful way.

Driscoll: Okay and in the church, what percentage is young men, single men?

Brierley: It’s difficult to say off the top of my head, but I’ll freely say it’s certainly not a big percentage, no.

Driscoll: Kay, and are you okay with that? Do you think that’s the best way to go?

Brierley: No, but can it be so easily put down to the fact that the church is being run by a woman? I mean, is that …

Driscoll: Yup. Yup. You look at your results, you look at my results, and you look at the variable that’s most obvious. (read the rest of the interview here)

For more on the British system, see here (HT, Leslie via twitter)

We know from a better study of Scripture that women were a part of early Christian leadership and yet Driscoll keeps denying the vitality that a woman’s voice brings to the Church. I cannot help but to consider Mary and her role in the Church – Behold, your mother!, as the cry from the cross – and how she has established that women are equally God’s vessel. She led – we see this in John more often, and later in Church Tradition.

We need to be voices to counter Driscoll. To that end, I am going to review and respond to Driscoll’s book, ]]. I want to engage others to stand up for Christ in this and show that Driscoll does not represent Christianity.


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2 Replies to “Driscoll takes on Junia and Priscilla… Wonder what he would have to say about Mary?”

  1. This interview really got under my skin. Maybe Driscoll was having a bad day or was at the end of a long run or something – I don’t know. But he came off as a real jerk. He has always been brash and sometimes foolish, but after listening to the audio of the interview, I shook my head and told my wife, “Driscoll just jumped the shark.”

    Beside ignoring (as here) and misinterpreting (as his wife’s teaching on Esther) Scriptures, he has become so enamored with his own popularity that he thinks he is a prophet. It is irritating to say the least.

    I likewise feel that now I need to get this book and read it, to see where all of this is coming from.

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