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Zondervan Church History Collection (7 vols.) –

I’ve got a suspicion. I suspect — and maybe I am projecting — you may not know a lot about Church History. But, who can blame you? There are 2,000 years of it to cover!

I usually get to the fourth century and stop.

However, Church History is more than just dates, short biographies, and long, dusty theological tomes. It is filled with a continued progression of the message of Jesus Christ to the world. And that’s why we should know something of it!

Logos Bible Software has assembled a collection of works published by Zondervan aimed at providing “a concise look at the development of the church’s theology in the past 2,000 years, as well as the impact Christianity has had on worldviews and various advances in the Western world—social, scientific, cultural, and more.”

…The Zondervan Church History Collection (7 vols.) links world history to key Christian events, illustrates the life and role of a missionary throughout history, presents a biographical history of the church, and includes numerous revival stories throughout the centuries, illustrating God’s continuous work in human history. Its 3,000 pages of will further your understanding of the history of the church, while encouraging you to make a personal impact on the future of the church—whether big or small.

You will get more than just a basic overview of Church History. This bundle includes scholars such as Everett Ferguson, Ruth A. Tucker, and Gregg Allison, among others. You’ll get to learn:

  • The spread of the Church. Ferguson helps you to understand how the Church came to be truly world-wide through helpful charts, maps, and pictures but also the context of the cultures. 
  • Tucker covers the history of Christian missions, complete with biographies and stories of how missionaries carried the Gospel around the world and into unfriendly cultures. She also has a volume giving numerous biographies set to the rhythm of a parade.
  • Collin Hansen and John Woodbridge detail a history of the revivals in Church History. You might be surprised to learn that revivals are seen all over the historical geography. They also suggest ways to prepare for revivals in our time.
  • For those who are faced with the charge that Christianity has done nothing good for the world, Alvin J. Schmidt’s work will give you the answers you need.
  • Need to understand how worldviews work? Why do you think the way you do? Glenn S. Sunshine “races the development of the worldviews that underpin the Western world.”
  • Finally, Gregg Allison provides an insurmountable introduction to historical theology. Instead of a linear development, Allison provides topical discussions so that we can see the full development of the Trinity rather than having to trace it through the centuries while worrying about justification and other doctrines as they develop!

When I teach Church History (small groups or otherwise), I look for books like this. Further, when it comes to theological development, you have to teach how the Church spread, how it reacted to and was reacted against. This is the story of the Church presented by scholars and theologians to show you that it didn’t just spring up and is not going to wither away.

Why waste time digging through 2,000 years of Church History to find the topic you need? Whether it is historical theology (and theological development) or how we came to this present time (worldviews included), the Zondervan Church History Collection provides you with quick look-up, easily accessible facts and stories, and all the while benefiting from the myriad features of the Logos Bible Software platform.

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