Philosophy and Theological Terms

Found this the other day –

For example, the Greek word we translate as “person” is prosopon, or mask. This term was used in the Greek theater to denote the different characters played by one actor. A single actor would hold a mask in each hand and shift the masks in front of his face to say his lines, indicating that the lines were being said by different characters. Applying this term to God, the Blessed Trinity, we arrive at a single actor (God) using three masks (Father, Son, Holy Spirit). Same actor, different characters. Ultimately, this metaphor is woefully inadequate for expressing the deepest truth of the Trinity. Yet, we still say that the Trinity is three divine persons, one God. “Person” as a philosophical term used to describe a theological truth had to be developed.

Okay, if it is so ”woefully inadequate” then why were the words used in the bible?

via Domine, da mihi hanc aquam!: What is the Incarnation?.

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