Does the Lenten fast end?

St Symeon suggests that our Lenten bare is something we should do all year. 

Do we not have an obligation to do this at all times? Have we not taken the vow to be hungry, thirsty, and ill clad (cf. 1 Cor. 4:11) and to endure all things and bear them with joy? Ought we not particularly to do so in the season of the Lenten struggle? But if we are unwilling to do this all the days of our life, instead preferring laughter, idle talk, trifling, and arguing, how do we differ from unbelievers and pagans? In reality, not at all! For if seeking and worrying about bread and wine and clothing causes us to be like pagans (cf. Mt. 6:31f; Lk. 12:29f.), to whom will the conduct that I have mentioned make us equal, when it is worse and more sinful than these things? Will not the prophet’s word be fulfilled in our case: “He became comparable to the senseless beasts and was made like unto them” (Ps. 49:13, 21 LXX)?

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