I’ve seen this meme several times, or at least some incarnation of it, suggesting that everything can now change because in Scripture, left handedness was once considered a sin. But, in looking through Scripture, there is not a mention of the sin of left handedness. It is a cultural slight to use the left hand because most people were right handed. Therefore it took on a status in metaphor. Scripture, written in this cultural, exists in the social sciences of the world around it. Doesn’t mean that using the metaphor is calling it a sin.

There is no doubt that the “left” has a near universal symbolic connection with weakness, and in many places, wickedness. However, not once in Scripture is it considered a sin.

In at least 3 verses, a left-handed person was lauded (Judges 3.15-16; Judges 20.16-17; 1 Chronicles 12.2-3)

Come now. If we are going to speak honestly about things, and base our arguments on sound logic, then why turn to what amounts to a lie?