Does Secular Science Lead to Better (Normative) Morals?

These studies demonstrated the morally normative effects of lay notions of science. Thinking about science leads individuals to endorse more stringent moral norms and exhibit more morally normative behavior. These studies are the first of their kind to systematically and empirically test the relationship between science and morality. The present findings speak to this question and elucidate the value-laden outcomes of the notion of science.

via PLOS ONE: Does “Science” Make You Moral? The Effects of Priming Science on Moral Judgments and Behavior.

You’ll have to read the entire study, I guess. I mean, what is normative morality? And, how does this fit into “spiritual, but not religious” science? And how does this fit into Jim’s latest post...

Inquiring minds…

What is morality? Is morality the same thing as good morals? Are morals eternal or do they change with paradigm shifts?

Like all of life on earth, and even the universe if we are to believe on particular scientist, morals do evolve…

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