Does Protestantism cause Atheism?

I don’t want to draw any conclusions, but…


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7 Replies to “Does Protestantism cause Atheism?”

  1. “Nothing in particular”, wonder how many are TV mega church watchers? Osteen, Hagee, Jeriamiah. They probably identify with the big names instead of an actual church affiliation.

  2. Keep in mind that you’d have to account for births, deaths, and migration before you could conclude that the Catholic population is holding steadier on account of fewer apostates. If greater migration or higher fertility or both were factors, then the Catholic rate of apostasy could be the same or higher while still continuing to claim a roughly similar proportion of the population.

    The main cause of atheism/agnosticism/nothing is, in my opinion, its position in the marketplace. It’s the Pepsi to the Christian Coke. It requires less from the disaffected than any other choice in religion, both doctrinally and otherwise. It also is a comfortable place to be in terms of having like-minded peers who’ve made the same transition. It looks like staggering 50% growth in five years in the numbers of atheist/agnostic people. When viewed, however, more simply as the percentage of Christians finding a lower equilibrium, it’s easier to understand.

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