Does Christian Faith Requires Accepting Evolution? And, stop saying that!

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The “seminary graduate now training to be a medical scientist” Jonathan Dudley writes:

In the evangelical community, the year 2011 has brought a resurgence of debate over evolution. The current issue of Christianity Today asks if genetic discoveries preclude an historical Adam. While BioLogos, the brainchild of NIH director Francis Collins, is seeking to promote theistic evolution among evangelicals, the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary recently argued that true Christians should believe the Earth is only a few thousand years old.

You know, I’m not yet comfortable with saying what he is saying. I don’t mind an historical Adam, actually, but I wouldn’t place that person as the head of the whole human race. I am going to post on that later this week. Something I’ve been thinking about, and it may or may not be new.

He continues:

In this analysis, Christians must accept sound science, not because they don’t believe God created the world, but precisely because they do.

Anyway – good article.

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3 Replies to “Does Christian Faith Requires Accepting Evolution? And, stop saying that!”

  1. As to whether Adam was the father of all humanity, Genesis does cast doubt on that, by mentioning the city of vagabonds into which Cain wanders. I can think of three possibilities, none of which sounds attractive:
    * People literally lived for hundreds of years back then.
    * Most of humanity is the product of incest.
    * Most of humanity is descended from Lilith.

    I reject all of these. (In the third case, I don’t believe demons even exist.) It’s much simpler to consider the beginning of humanity as something gradual.

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