doctrine and theology guides biblical interpretation

I found this a few months ago and it laid on my desktop since then. But, it is a good infographic. Why? Because without these things, these necessary scaffolds, biblical interpretation is individualized often used to harm people, forming cults along the way.


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6 Replies to “doctrine and theology guides biblical interpretation”

  1. Conversely, inside the box logic can lead to groupthink. Thus, errors persist. They are confused with doctrine when they, in fact, are traditions.

  2. U pull out Rom 1:26-27 and say that it refers to idol worship and not homosexuality. Paul starts off his letter to the Roman believers with aderation and can’t wait to get here etc. he continues by speaking of how he is not ashamed of the gospel and that salvation is to anyone that believes. Most of Pauls letters start out with greetings, salutations, praising God then go into issues that need addressing, the same us here; it clearly states that they were given up to idolatry. Afterward, “God gave them up in the lists of their hearts to impurity”, they decided to worship idols of the creation and not the creator so God lifted his hand and let them continue in their sinful ways which then included “woman exchanged natural relations” relations contrary to nature, “and men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, committing shameless acts with other men”… How you can take that whole chapter, twist it with “incorrect interpretations” of a word or justify it by saying it was they way they spoke and it all got misinterpreted in translation makes me think something is amiss. “For Gentiles who do not have the law, by nature do what the law requires….they show that the work of the law is written in their hearts”. He is comdeming both Jews and Gentiles who “know God” but still sin. They know better in their hearts (gentiles).
    But this is clearly NOT the only place where homosexuality is called sin. 1Cor 6:9, Lev 18:22 etc. but you cannot be a Christian and continue to practice homosexuality. Nor should Christians stand by and let laws be passed condoning it and saying it’s ok, the same goes with abortion etc. we should be fighting against such laws for the sake of our country that continues to fall further and further from God. I said nothing about judging, I’m talking about saying that it is ok. And it doesn’t stop with just homosexuality, it’s combined with Pride now which is a double whammy! So for you to even suggest in a public forum that Christians are wrong to call out homosexuality as a sin is Wrong and a stumbling block for all unbelievers and “believers” struggling with this sin themselves. Just because you have a Ph.D. In theology doesn’t give you vice to condone sin.

    1. tim,

      I’m going to allow this comment in order to show others the complete stupidity I must deal with on a regular basis – to let them know what not only does the extreme left have problems with logic, but so too the extreme right.

      1. Um, what? I think I missed something there….but really Joel, I am sorry on behalf of conservatives who can actually articulate ideas on a topic.

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