Digging through Mark’s Christology

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While the Christology of Mark will not be my major focus in my upcoming thesis project, I will touch on it briefly. Does Mark have a high, low or otherwise Christology? I don’t really know.

Kevin is working through it at the moment:

I am going to begin a series of blog posts (not sure how many) taking a look at the Christology to be found in the gospel of Mark. As I have said before, I do not consider the gospel of Mark (or any of the Synoptic Gospels) to convey the notion that Jesus is God or that he even had a pre-existence. I think that one has to read Mark with that belief already in mind in order to arrive at that conclusion.

Part I and Part II.

I do not think that we cannot take the wonder-working stories as appearances of the divine, actually, removing them out of the overall narrative. Anyone could perform wonders (in that day, context, literature, etc…) and represent the Yahweh and not be YHWH revealed.

Anyway, looking forward to the series.

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