Did not know this: Shabbat HaMalka – The Shabbat Queen

Due to the Diaspora and assimilation of many of the Jewish people there has been a great loss. Lost is the significance of welcoming the Shabbat Queen, which is very ancient and very much a Jewish custom and is why the evening service to welcome the Shabbat is called “Kabbalat Shabbat” (Welcoming the Sabbath). We usher it in and regard the Shabbat as a queen that brings majesty into our midst.

In the Kabbalat Shabbat service six psalms (95-99) are recited that declares that G-d is Master of the universe. And these six psalms allude to the fact that Shabbat is the testimony of His creating heaven and earth in six days, resting on the seventh day…and refers ultimately to the eternal Shabbat of the Messianic Era. After the six psalms then the song Lecha Dodi (Come My Beloved) is sung to greet the incoming Queen of Days – Shabbat.

via Shabbat HaMalka – The Shabbat Queen – The Sabbath Queen.

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