Did Mary influence the mission of Jesus

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I used to wonder if Jesus had always known he was God or did he come to know he was. My belief now is that Jesus knew he was God when as a child he was first aware of his surroundings. The Bible shows that at 12 he knew the Scripture.

In a Google search I found this belief. It indicates, if I’m reading it correctly, that Jesus obtained his knowledge of God from his mother Mary. And that the Magnificat prayer sung by Mary when she visited Elizabeth, in LukeĀ 1:46-55, is the influence for the Sermon on the Mount/Plain including the Beatitudes in Luke and Matthew.

As the greatest of all disciples, Mary was completely at one with the ways of God. She identified with the deepest faith of Israel.

The connection between the Magnificat and the Sermon on the Mount should not escape us: it was at Nazareth that the incarnate Son, watching his mother, first loved the ways of God which would shape his life and mission.

The Mary of authentic Christian faith is not meek and mild, a discouragement to women seeking to affirm their rightful place in today’s world. She is the embodiment of all that the `woman’ figure of the Scriptures stands for: she is the courageous woman of the Magnificat. Her words on behalf of the world’s oppressed and downtrodden – expressed when she makes a difficult journey to assist her aged cousin – have made her a sign of hope, and a challenge to all Christians to share in God’s caring for the dispossessed of the world.

Taking that last sentence together with the middle paragraph that indicates that Jesus learnt about his love of God and his mission from Mary, it implies that Mary influenced the caring and loving nature of the ministry of Jesus, and his associating with sinners and those out of the mainstream.

So, just what influence did Mary have on Jesus and His mission. Or did Jesus just know He was God, because He is, and already knew what He had to do.

The Second Vatican Council and Mary | What Catholics Believe

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  1. I think that like any mother, Mary influenced her Son. Also, we note that God has several times been influenced by His creation.

    I don’t pretend to hold to the veneration of Mary, but I think that removing her to the sidelines of history does a grave disjustice to her. Thanks for this post, Gez.

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