Did Iowa make you happy?

My call was Rick Santorum and Ron Paul tying for first… With Mitt Romney a distant third. I think Bachmann is done for… She’ll drop out and support Santorum, maybe even with hopes go a Veep spot… Perry and Newt will last to South Carolina.

Of course, I don’t think Iowa actually matters for the GOP anyway.

Frankly, I think if Mitt ran as a Democrat, he’d probably win.

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8 Replies to “Did Iowa make you happy?”

  1. As we all know in NH, Iowa picks corn and we pick Presidents. (Of couse, Obama won the Iowa caucus in 2008 and Clinton won the NH primary, but we’ll ignore that …)

    I’m reasonably happy. Romney failed to break out from his mid-20’s results, so he’s not growing. Santorum will not win the nomination, and even if he somehow did get the nomination, he’d never win the election. Same for Paul.

    I appreciate that the GOP is going to stay divided, but that Perry and Bachmann are done. I think that I would have liked to see Gingrich crushed a little more decisively, but that will come.

  2. Why does all this electing a candidate stuff have to go on for over six months? What a ridiculous waste of money and time.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more on that.

      There are so many ways which those millions of dollars could be better-spent, to say nothing of the divisions which are exacerbated by the tone of rhetoric.

  3. Why can’t the candidates campaign over a reasonable period of time — you have a big country, with a large population, so let’s say three months — and then ALL the states vote on the same day? Three months of these bozos would be more than enough.
    Americans must love perpetual electioneering!

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