Did Abe Lincoln Really Exist?


From here:

‘Abraham’ refers to the father of multitudes and is derived from the biblical character Abraham (Gen 12ff). The ‘Abraham’ character is a symbol of plentitude and fruitfulness. Applied to the Lincoln myth, ‘Abraham’ refers to a founding father who creates new people or new nations through abolition (read, ‘abe-lincoln’). In this case, ‘Abraham Lincoln’ describes the liberation of a slave class and the founding of the United States of America. The picture is beautiful allegory, really, but not to be taken literally. . . . In religio-mythic lore, Abraham is a common character among the people of the book–Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It is no surprise that an American-ized myth should arise as the U.S. is a ‘new nation’ with a broadly Judeo-Christian background. Biblical stories have a well-spring for its American myths.”

You get the humor, right?

Yes, that’s right — mythicists are silly little people… like Young Earth Creationists and the little guy in Korea who had to leave the United States.

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