Dictionary of Blogosphere Inhabitants

Heretic Hunters – These are slightly more than trolls*. Heretic Hunters are self-ordained bloggers who do their best to hunt out heretics and correct their faults, generally in a very public manner. Usually, these are anti-Catholic, anti-Mainline, pro-extreme fundamentalism. They generally do not last long

Trolls – Trolls are commentators who may or may not have their blog. Their blog is usually a cave they can retreat too to act as an echo-chamber. Famous examples are Little Honey Tee Tee, a pseudo-academic in every bit of the word, who is a self-anointed doctor, educator, and defender of fundamentalism. He is even to the right of Ken Ham. Another example is Robert Darby who proclaims himself as an Anglican priest although he lives in southern California and is known to send half-nude shots of his wife as family portraits. He morphs at various times of the year to be Reformed, Almost-Catholic, and has flirted with Young Earth Creationism. He is known to attack bloggers on other blogs, as well as to email rumors, gossip, and flat out lies to various bloggers about the other so as to cause a flamewar.

Lurkers –  Lurkers are poorly named. These are those readers who never comment, or comment rarely, but are loyal readers.

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