Devotional Apps.. free for you.. today..

Hi Folks…

I work for a media organisation in New Zealand, and we have created devotional apps for the android and apple (IOS) platforms.

One is aimed at youth (ish – ie 13-30) and the other at adults (ie 13-130 :P) – depending on whether you like Bob Gass and/or kiwi-ness, you might find these helpful.

They have a daily bible readng plan, a devotional in text format and in audio format.. please do not shoot me if you do not agree with the theological content, I know I sure dont.


The adult version is here

The contemporary version is here

If you download the apps, please dont forget to give a rating in the app store.



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3 Replies to “Devotional Apps.. free for you.. today..”

  1. If it is an android phone/tablet, just go to the market in your browser and send it to your device(s). Or go to the page in your browser.

    We do have QR codes, but we figured that people would really not be that lazy that they would QR from a webpage..
    The links to the markets are:
    Word for your today:

    The Word for Today:

    I’ll talk to them about putting the QR codes on there, especially for you 😛

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