Deuteronomy in the New Testament

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Biddle’s Commentary on Deuteronomy included this subsection – thought it might be interesting:

According to the Gospel writers, apart from citations of the Decalogue (four times: Mark 7:10 ; Mark 10:19 ; Matt 5:21, 27), which can be attributed to either Deuteronomy or Exodus, Jesus quoted Deuteronomy more often than any other book in the Hebrew Bible (six times: Deut 6:4-6 ; Deut 8:3 ; Deut 6:16 ; Deut 6:13 ; Deut 24:1 ; Deut 19:15 ; the Psalter follows closely with five citations; Exodus, Leviticus, and Isaiah are each cited three times and Hosea twice; Genesis, Jeremiah, Daniel, Zechariah, and Malachi are cited once each). Paul quoted most often from Isaiah (twenty-six times), the Psalter (eighteen times), Genesis (fourteen times), and Deuteronomy (ten times; thirteen times including the three citations of the Decalogue—Rom 7:7 ; Rom 10:6-8 ; Rom 10:19 ; Rom 11:8 ; Rom 12:19-20 ; Rom 13:9 ; Rom 15:10 ; 1 Cor 9:9 ; 2 Cor 13:1 ; Gal 3:10 ; Gal 3:13 ; Eph6:2-3 ; 1 Tim 5:18 ). Paul cites eleven other books five times or fewer: Leviticus, Exodus, Hosea, 2 Kings, Jeremiah, Habakkuk, Numbers, Joel, Malachi, Proverbs, Job (in descending order of frequency).

In descending order of frequency, the General Epistles cite the Psalter seventeen times; Deuteronomy, including the Decalogue, eight times (Heb 1:6 ; Heb 10:30a ; Heb 10:30b ; Heb 12:21 ; Heb 13:5 ; Jas 2:11a ; Jas 2:11b ; Jas 4:5 ); Genesis, Exodus (including the Decalogue), Isaiah, and Proverbs five times each; Leviticus four times; Jeremiah twice; and 2 Samuel, Habakkuk, and Haggai once each. The importance of Deuteronomy to Jesus and the authors of the New Testament is self-evident.

]], ]] (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1975), 57-59, 108-11, 164-66, 196-97.

My excitement at studying Deuteronomy is best summed up those words above – “The importance of Deuteronomy to Jesus and the authors of the New Testament is self-evident.” Not only is the book important to the New Testament Community, but to various communities which created the world from which our Community, our Church, sprang.

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