Depravity in this hills

Thought I might share some of the call-in editorials from my fellow West Virginians,

  • Saying that Michael Vick should never have a dog is like saying a woman who has had an abortion should never have a baby.
  • We should understand that Israel is God’s land, and any country that tries to take any part of this land will suffer the consequences. Times are getting closer to the last days.
  • The liberals are breaking God’s Ten Commandments bearing false witness against Sarah Palin. They aren’t worried about it though; God’s word doesn’t bother them.

Really… so abusing a dog is like aborting (I assume elective) a child?

Israel is not ‘God’s land.’ Read the New Testament or other literature of the time period. And no, it is not getting closer to the ‘last days.’

Um… what? No doubt that some Liberals rushed to judge the situation, (all the facts haven’t been reported just yet. There is a difference between motivation and an atmosphere of allowance, however) but not all of them. Further, many Republicans were saying the same thing – that hateful rhetoric has got to stop. And, considering God’s Word doesn’t stop at the Ten Commandments (a few conservatives need to know what ‘Thou shall not commit adultery’ means…), but continues into the holiness codes in Leviticus and Deuteronomy, which deals with such things as war and worker’s rights… it would seem to me that both sides make a regular habit of not listening to ‘God’s Word.’ And then… there is that little section we like to call the New Testament….

But by far, the worst comment in today’s paper is this:

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