DeMythologizing Christmas (Repost)

Two articles – one I pretty much agree with and the other, not so much.

Ben Witherington III has a great post up on the myths of Christmas, ending with,

As George MacDonald put it “we were all looking for a king to slay our foes and lift us high/ thou cam’st a little baby thing, that made a woman cry.”  Jesus did not come to meet our expectations about superstars, he came to meet our needs.

I like what John Donne said even better “Twas much that we were made like God, long beforre/ But that God should be made like us— much more.”

Then, the standard fair, from the Biblical Archaelogical Review. They really should have read some of Chrysostom’s battle with Saturnalia and the choice of Christians to instead turn that celebration into a day of meditation on the Lord.

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