Dear Whiners. Stop Complaining about the Homophobes for your problems with Christianity

So I have some dear friends who seem to thrive off all the reasons that don’t like Christianity, such as the homophobic outbursts of various churches. This is not the majority view of Christendom. Period. It’s just not. That’s not even a good representation of the Catholic view which is a lot less bigoted than people realize – if they would think about realizing it.

It’s like me saying I don’t like Christianity because the Catholic Church has the Pope. Um, what about the great majority of Christians who aren’t Catholic like Protestants, Pentecostals and the Orthodox?

The great majority of Christianity does in fact speak out against the phobics. Some of us louder than others, but you know who gets the press? The loudest voices which sell better commercials – that right wring nut jobs who want to kill all homosexuals.

A friend asked for thoughts on the video I just shared before this post. I said “vomit.” He said,

This reinforces my violent anger toward church in general…

Why? Especially when he knows the work my Church does. Loudly. In the Community. Or the Episcopal Church. Or the UCC. Or the PCSUA. Other other denominations who moved past this issue long ago.

My response was:

what’s really awesome, are all those humans who kill, pillage and everything. i say we just all commit mass suicide because you know, various members of the human race have really just tarnished it for the rest of us. Or, we can realize the depths of depravity of elements and elements do not make up the whole. This is very sick – and judging by the bun, it is a holiness pentecostal church, but I can take you to churches across this country (not including the world) where this behavior is more shunned than ‘homosexuality’. Yet, does this encourage anyone to return to church or to lessen the anger one has to church? No, of course not. Why? in other words, stop being asinine and blaming what is relatively small segment of American Christianity for the way you view Christianity. Step up to the plate and realize that there is a heck of a lot of good, decent, loving Christians in this country not to mention the world so stop blaming us for the way you feel towards the rest.

His response:

Seriously?? This conversation AGAIN!?!? It’s not MY responsibility to steward the image of Christendom; it’s the responsibility of Christians to stand up and PUBLICLY rebuke this sort of nonsense and challenge any other media misrepresentations of YOUR faith. As we’ve discussed innumerable times, until “the Church” takes a unified stand against the extremely vocal and exclusively visible unchallenged self-appointed spokesbeasts for Christianity, I will remain correct in criticizing their tacit approval.

Honestly, if one small but loud section is what enrages you, then you should equally be enraged and stop associating with say Democrats, some of which are anti-homosexual. The conversation goes on:

 I never said it was your responsibility, just geesh, you are being a bit hypocritical here. I mean, A LOT HYPOCRITICAL.

He replies,

No, I’m not. You’re just being overly defensive because you’re so entrenched. I’m speaking from the perspective of a non-believing non-church-goer–otherwise known as your target demographic. You are freakishly versed in theology and vastly knowledgeable on the global picture of belief across the world. This, as you should recall, is a tremendous rarity that is not reflective of most believers. PLUS, you are vocal about missteps and such, which is again a rarity. You’re the exception, not the rule.

My reply,

 No, you are wrong. The UCC, the Episcopal Church, heck, even the SBC condemned the pastor in NC. The UMC has opening and affirming pastors and congregations. I’m not the only one. You just would rather focus on the minority. And, i would wager that this church is even a minority among the minority being a oneness pentecostal. But, tell me, if one segment of the population enrages you so much that you criticized all of them, then why are you still a democrat? Or in Louisiana? or anything?

If you want to stay away from Christianity, then do so, but don’t blame the loud minority while ignoring the great majority of witnesses.

Maybe I’m not done. You know, Christianity gets a lot of guilt associated with it for the very bad apples that have from time to time associated themselves with it. But, rarely ever do you get the Saints, recognized and unrecognized, that go along with it. Why? Because we seem to be rather predispositioned to only looking at the most negative aspects and then using that to bring down everything else. We participate in the great crab syndrome.

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4 Replies to “Dear Whiners. Stop Complaining about the Homophobes for your problems with Christianity”

  1. My pastor did take the time to condemn the other minister in question during a recent service, even though about half of the people in our church don’t support gay marriage. Everyone applauded even those who disagree with gay marriage. But does that make any sort of blip outside our walls? Probably not, the local paper isn’t calling area churches to get their response. The problem with being a protestant church is there isn’t a central dispenser of opinion that we can speak in a unified voice.

  2. As the principal “Whiner” whose conversation is excerpted here, it’s incumbent upon me to respond.

    First of all, there is a great deal of context missing from the exchange sloppily pasted above. Because of an extremely select few genuine Christians, I have moved from unbridled rage and inconsolable grief related to my past experiences with the church into a vastly more reasoned outlook. I fully acknowledge that there are good people who believe in Christ, and further that they’re working to promote both the spirit and the letter of their faith. That’s fantastic. Wonderful. Keep up the good work…doing what you’re supposed to be doing in the first place…

    As someone who is ROUTINELY informed that I’ll burn in a lake of fire for eternity, but only after being threatened with physical violence, torture, death, internment in concentration camps, subjected to second-class citizenship, slandered and libeled as a pedophile/zoophile, rejected by family and friends (who are predominantly Christians), denied other basic human dignities and civil rights, etc.– I get to be enraged. And I get to assert that, in general, it is Christians who appear to work overtime to reinforce these nightmarish notions.

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