Dear @tandtclark, I want to write your Theism AGFTP

So over the last few days, T and T Clark has tweeted asking for suggestions for future Guides for the Baptists Perplexed.

My suggestion is to issue a guide the theisms.

  • Open Theism.
  • Panentheism
  • Pantheism
  • Traditional Theism…
  • A-theism, etc…

So, here is my plea – let me write this. I am finishing my MA in December, starting PhD in January. By the first half of next year, I will have two books published as well as an essay in an anthology.

I’ve got this. Seriously.

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2 Replies to “Dear @tandtclark, I want to write your Theism AGFTP”

  1. This reminds me, how can you be a TA for a class in western Ohio? (you’re in West Virginia, right?) Do you drive to Dayton often or do you provide online and email help or what?

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