Dear FEMA, how low can you go?

“I strongly disagree with FEMA’s decision to deny sorely needed federal assistance to the victims of the unprecedented June 2012 derecho,” Gov. Tomblin said. “I intend to appeal this decision and ask our Congressional Delegation to arrange a meeting with the FEMA leadership as soon as possible so that I can explain firsthand the devastation that I witnessed in the wake of this storm. While I hope an appeal will reverse today’s federal decision, I understand there are many families struggling to recover from the significant financial impact of the storm, and I appreciate the many organizations throughout West Virginia that continue to provide assistance to them.”

The storm in WV did a lot, and I mean a lot of damage. Why would FEMA turn their back on us?.

Oh… maybe because our Governor, U.S. Senator, and a U.S. Congressman will not attend the Democratic National convention?


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