Dear Chick-fil-A – You can borrow my profile pic anytime..

Because that is what they are doing


Good Christian company and all…

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33 Replies to “Dear Chick-fil-A – You can borrow my profile pic anytime..”

  1. That’s it. As much as I love their chicken biscuits, I have to be done with Chick-fil-A. I wonder if there’s an e-mail address where I can tell them they’ve lost my $4.07 a day.

  2. The only bigots I see are the homosexual commuity and its supporters who DO NOT allow others to have their own free choice and opinion.

    1. It’s all about free choice — and most people I know are now CHOOSING to boycott Chick-fil-A. This post is about manipulation of their public image. Lying, in fact.

  3. you can find things here:

    and here:

    Since the only subject matter is Chik-Fil-A and the homosexual community /its supporters, why bring in anyone else? Historically, there has been no right to gay marriage and we know what happened at Sodom and Gomorrah, why test God when you know he calls homosexuality an abomination? Since we know that God does not change, His views about homosexuality haven’t changed either.

    it is not about ‘bigotry’ but what is right and what is wrong. People love to distort the issue and make it about something it is not so that they can do what is wrong and feel good about it.

    1. First…

      Sodom was not destroyed because of “gay marriage.” God never calls homosexuality an abomination. God has changed certain things.

      You seem to forget the countless boycotts leveled by so-called pro-family groups against pro-civil rights groups. Is that bigotry as well?

      In regards to the sites you posted – is that first one supposed to be a poorly written joke? The second one seems to be another run of the mill “we hate everyone” site.

  4. God has not changed one thing He has called sin or an abomination. {yes, He did and in Romans, He has stated that He gives homosexuals over to their desires making it virtually impossible for them to escape that preference}

    I am not a fan of boycotts as Jesus never taught to do that but you seem to confuse civil rights with right and wrong. The homosexual has chosen an alternative lifestyle, which means they have rejected the nomal lifestyle and that rejection includes being able to marry and have kids.

    Homosexuality is wrong and sin.

    Going to the personal attack just demonstrates you have nothing constructive to contribute nor have anything on your side of the debate to offer anyone.

    1. Wait? I thought Paul wrote Romans. Further, you are misreading the passage.

      The “homosexual” hasn’t chosen anything. It is not a matter of choice. And, what is normal?

      Can you give me chapter and verse for “homosexuality is wrong and sin.”

      Refusing to provide evidence beyond your own statements just demonstrates you have nothing constructive to contribute nor have anything on your side of the debate to offer anyone.

  5. Your pettiness undoes your argument. You know full well that Deut. and Romans speak on homosexuality and that Jesus and Paul spoke on marriage being between a man and a woman. I wonder if you are the type of person who needs to read the exact words they want to see in the Bible before they will accept what the Bible says?

    Homosexuality is a choice and secular scientists are wrong about a ‘gay gene’, the problem that the homosexual doesn’t see is that if God has given them over to their unnatural desires, they will almost always never escape it. This fact confuses the homosexual into thinking they didn’t have a choice to make but they did. It is sad that older homosexuals steer so many confused teens into the wrong sexual preference.

    There is nothing wrong with chik-fil-a’s statement or position upon homosexual marriage. It is the gay community’s and their supporters problem if they cannot allow other people to have the same freedoms they claim to possess. Free choice, free speech, having one’s own opinion is NOT the domain of the homosexual and they need to learn to accept that fact and the fact that people do not like their chosen lifestyle. it is sin and the only thing that comes with homosexuality is destruction.

    1. Actually, homosexuality is no where mentioned in Scripture in prohibition.

      I actually like to read Scripture, not tell it what it says.

      Could I see your scientific credentials? You don’t seem to know what you are talking about in that regard, so I really want to make sure that you aren’t just parroting something from right wing fanatics.

      It is the gay community’s and their supporters problem if they cannot allow other people to have the same freedoms they claim to possess

      Do you realize how ironic that statement is? Do you realize the gay community wants the same rights as others, say like marriage? Further, freedom of speech is a right against the government. It does not mean what you think it means. For instance, I cannot by right call you a queer. I can, however, say the government is communist.

      You haven’t yet provided anything to base your arguments on. You say Sodom – but you haven’t provide actual evidence of it. Tell me, except for modern evangelicals, can we find anyone between Sodom and us that, say in Scripture, that tells us what the sin of Sodom is?

      Also – this is what Romans is:

  6. “Actually, homosexuality is no where mentioned in Scripture in prohibition”
    Yet you provide no scriptureto back you up but think you can demand of me to provide scripture to support my point

    “Could I see your scientific credentials? ” What does science have to do with a theological issue? And no. If you do not accepty my words now, you won’t accept them if I provide any personal information.

    Besides, this appeal to ‘credentials’ is an attempt to avoid the debate when you know you can’t defend your position. You want something human to attack because you can’t defeat God’s word.

    “Do you realize the gay community wants the same rights as others, say like marriage”

    They gave those rights up when they rejected the heterosexual lifestyle and they are not entitled to them.

    “Further, freedom of speech is a right against the government. It does not mean what you think it means. ”

    Actually I do but then you do not.

    The scriptures I am using are well known and you know where to find them.

    What I see in your words is a willingness to ignore what scriptures really say because you think you know what is right and you don’t. God doesn’t go by the human idea of rights, which are fallible and flexible, and that is the problem.

    Secular humans think they get to write the rules but they forget or ignore that we live in God’s creation and He made the rules, they are found in the Bible. If you do not like them, that is your choiice but you can’t scream or yell when people disagree with you or God throws you into hell for your rejection of Him and His ways.

    All I have to do is tell you God’s way and leave it at that. Then you get to exercise your God given free choice and accept or reject them. You do not like God;’s stance on homosexuality then too bad, your view doesn’t count.

    1. How can I provide scripture for something that doesn’t exist? It’s like people saying that UFO’s are in the bible. I say they aren’t. You say, well show me. That’s a logical fallacy.

      You dismissed science. You have no credentials, science or otherwise. But you speak as if you do. Your words show you for what you really are. The appeal to credentials is simple – what gives you the authority to dismiss science. Further, what gives you authority to speak for God?

      Begin gay is not a choice, say, like use “Dr” when one hasn’t earned it. You give up rights when you commit a crime. As you have yet to show that homosexuality is a sin, or a crime, or a choice, you don’t have a leg to stand on.

      Your “I know you are but what am I” defense is laughable, Dave.

      The scriptures you are using? Where are they? What is it that God goes by your ideas?

      “Secular humans?” Do you just make stuff up as you go along?

      Do you speak for God? By whose authority? In other words, your homophobia is so powerful (and I would suggest tinged with Girardian reversal) that you think that you are God. Shame…

  7. Well since you can’t back up your words and since you fling false accusations, this conversation is now over. You are not even trying to present a decent point of view but continue in the land of denial and avoidance.

    homosexuality is wrong, it is sin and it is a choice. deal with it.

    1. You made the accusation, Dave, not I. You challenged the presupposition, not I. You provide it or you lose. You’re choice.

      What false accusations? You mean like you don’t know what you are talking about? Nah, that’s been proven.

      The sun is really a purple monster. Deal with it.

      See, I can make baseless claims too. Just like you.

  8. Wow Dr. David you’re a huge joke. People like you make Christians look like absolute idiots.

    “I wonder if you are the type of person who needs to read the exact words they want to see in the Bible before they will accept what the Bible says?”

    You mean the type of person who requires evidence before they believe a claim? Those evil rational types? Jesus! You can’t have those in the Christian religion!

  9. Really!? And you were on my dissertation committee?

    @Danny–God’s requirement is faith. Those that want evidence will NOT get all that they want as that would destroy faith and since faith pleases God, there will not be enough evidence provided to destroy what God takes pleasure in.

    1. Tell that to Thomas.

      You don’t quite understand faith, but that is not surprising.

      What dissertation committee? You mean the one with Dr. Adobe and Dr. M. Word?

  10. Actually I do but you seem to need to do personal attacks instead of discussing the issue. Homosexuality is sin and you need to read 1 John to see that those who practice sin do not know God. You also do not seem to grasp what love is. Yes God is love BUT love does NOT approve of disobedient or sinful behavior, it punishes it.

    As I said, the issue here is that the homosexual community rejected the rights of marriage and having children when they chose their alternative sexual practices. They have no civili right to marry nor to adopt kids. Civil rights is a smoke screen as the homosexual community can still get married and have kids but they would have to do it with an opposite sex partner.

    Their civil rights have not been violated, it is the homosexual who has spit on their own rights with their choice.

    1. You haven’t shown evidence yet of what you say. At one time, missing races in marriage was a sin. At one time, women preachers were a sin. At one time… you see where I’m going with this, right?

      Having children is a benefit – not a right. Marriage is a right. Shoot, having sex is a benefit – but not a right.

      Civil Rights is not something that can be invalidated by the choice of a person to decide something for their own fate.

      You have yet to show anywhere from Scripture that homosexuality is a sin. Further, you have yet to show that homosexuality, from science, is a choice.

      You keep making claims without evidence. You know what that makes you, right Dave?

  11. you are not making sense and the church is not in charge of what sin is or isn’t; only God is and He hasn’t changed any yet.

    I gave you the books where they are found plus I do not have to show anything from science. It is not the last word on any issue and has no authority. God did not say ‘follow science’ or ‘promote it so it contradicts my word’ but then the secular world will take anything that enables them to avoid the truth of scriptures.

    here is a verse that is very clear on the issue: 1 cor. 6:9 NIV 1984 ed.

    God makes it very clear that homosexuality is not the right thing to do and that He disproves of it. The homosexual does not make it to the kingdom of God.

    1. How do you know what God wants?

      Science is another form of revelation of God. Deal with it.

      1 Co. 6.9 – now we are getting somewhere. Tell me about those two words. From the original, please.

      God has made no such thing clear, but go on…

  12. no, i am tired of your automatic dismissal even though the scripture has been given to you. study it yourself and learn something. as far as i am concerned this conversation isover.

  13. God uses people, if you do not want to l;isten to those who tell you the truth then there is no point in continuing discussing with you. the words will come from the same source in each post but your cavalier attitude will allow you to ignore anything said to you because you only perceive a human source not a divinely aided one.

    homosexuality is sin, homosexuality is an abomination to God, practicing homosexuals will not enter the kingdom of God nor see eternal life with him, homosexuals need to repent if they can (if they have not been given over to their evil desire).

    the homosexual community and its supporters are bullies and seek to undermine the democratic form of government every time it goes against their wishes. the homosexual community is a very selfish and spoiled one refusing to take ‘no’ for an answer.

    the homosexual is not being deprived of their civil rights, they can get married and have children if they want to BUT they have to do it the normal and correct way–with an opposite sex mate. Since they refuse that option their civil rights have not been violated.

    Calling sin (homosexuality) good is wrong and God does not approve of that. The homosexual community need to realize that their lifestyle is not good, not of God and is not healthy. The only thing that comes from the practice of same sex relations is destruction–the lack of reproductivity is one clue that that is fact. Sodom and Gomorrahis another clue.

    The homosexual needs to repent of his or her same sex desires and stop praticing it if they want to see God. They also have to accept Jesus as their savior. The fact that God is love doesn’t mean that they get to avoid the rules of salkvation or continue in their wrongful lifestyle. Love punishes as well as rewards which means that the unrepentant homosexual is bound for hell when they die, to get the rewards they have to repent, accept Jesus as their savior and obey God’s rules, teachings and instructions.

    there is little room to discuss here as God does not change His rules nor what He has declared sin.

    1. God does use people – and he is using me to tell you that you are wrong.

      I ignore you because I don’t trust you. You’ve been known to lie and puff yourself up.

      You have yet to show that homosexuality is a sin.

      Civil rights aren’t applied to those who are like everyone else. That is why there are civil rights – to protect the different.

      You need to repent.

  14. false accusations get you no where. i do not lie nor do I puff myself up. your faulty assuming and interpretation powers are to blame for your misconceptions.

    ha ha ha–I am not wrong because even Jesus stated that marriage was between a man and a woman no one else.

    there is no historical foundation for special rights being granted to the homosexual community, there is no biblical foundation for special rights being granted to the homosexual community. Read the book 1 John and see that those who practice sin, and homosexuality is a sin, do not know God and do not have Jesus.

    As far as I am concerned this discussion is over. You do not listen with an open mind, bring false accusations and forget that president of chik fil a has the right to his own opinion even when it is contradictory to the homosexuals. if they do not like what he said then they are the ones with the problem not the president of chik fil a.

  15. Your living in denial must make your world a precious safe place. Why don’t you tell yourself the truth for once.

  16. You have yet to provide 1 scripture verse to show that you are correct so obviously you are not telling the truth. You have yet to refute one thing I have said but opted for the commonly used escape route of denial so you haven’t told the truth yet and prove that i have.

    you do not want the truth but something that makes you feel good and lets you continue to support sin and call it good. homosexuality is sin and it is not good.

    now you may have the last word.

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