Dayton – Day 5 – Home, Finally

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I miss it already – not Ohio (which is Philistine for wilderness of sin) – but the classes. The Church Renewal Class is so…thoroughly….theological….that it challenged me. I’ve written about this all week, but in speaking with my wife last night, I guess I know why. I’ve never had the language that the professor used, nor the over arching view of the Church that he has. If there is one class for pastors that I would urge…. it would be his.

Not that I have to agree with everything, but he said (more than) several things these past few days that really stuck. Namely, people do make a habit of focusing on one nature of Christ above another… this effects and affects how they see the Church and the Christian mission. He said something else today that I cannot remember… I mean, it is late, I’ve driven all day, and I am tired, but I will say that when his book comes out (the book out of his lecture notes) I will be giving it away, and most likely several copies of it. (Again, if you want to check out a few of his books, please do so here, ]].)

I had originally thought that it was going to be about programs and the what not… but in the end, he took us through creating a theological vision of the Church and frankly, on many of those things, I would agree. He said two things that I thought were great – ‘Renewal is not about numbers’ and ‘No one, no matter how refined/educated they are, should stomp on some one else’s piety’. I mean – that is the exact opposite of the language that I was expecting!!!!

Friends, this week was a mini-revival. Really up lifting. Really needed. This class was radically needed. My Church History class was just as awesome, on a different level, in which I got to explore some of the things I learned. I am impressed, to say the least.

So, after class this morning, we packed up, and headed home. I had my Popeyes, of course, and we shopped a little. Got home, cleaned up, and just took it easy.

I’ve tried to think of his point today that really stuck out, but alas, nothing. Seriously, though, if there is a class that you just feel like taking…

Thanks to teach of you for everything that you do…

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2 Replies to “Dayton – Day 5 – Home, Finally”

  1. ‘No one, no matter how refined/educated they are, should stomp on some one else’s piety’.

    I know a few non-ELCA Lutherans who would do well to heed those words. But, coming from a UMC seminary professor, they would probably just ignore them.

    1. Craig, I have to confess that I was amazed at some of the insights I gained, and this was one of them. He was speaking about hymns, etc…. and even translations and how people come in and just dismiss what people hold cherish in favor of the refiner’s fire of educated ‘truth’. There are times that I need to pay more attention to those words myself.

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