Dayton – Day 4

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Ohio is Americun for ‘Please, I’ll never leave West Virginia again if I can just get back home’

I am tired, but refreshed in mind and spirit. It’s been like a revival being here this week. For the evening services, there is a mini church service along with dinner. The food is not that good, but I am sure by Ohioan standards, most likely five stars. Okay, okay, enough jokes about Ohio, although…. okay, enough.

But, the discussions, the prayer, the togetherness is something that is peculiar to me. It is wonderful, beyond words.

I’ll try to have more to say about both classes later, but today, I was able to talk with Dr. John Tyson who has accepted my request to direct my course of study for a class on the 4th Century. While he is a Reformation Scholar, he is plenty learned in this area, and seeing that others are Wesleyan or Reformation as well, I felt that he could help me focus my skills on the fourth century. He agreed, so maybe next semester, I will do that. I love the Council of Nicaea and the struggles long following…

Tomorrow, I’ll have one class left – Church Renewal. This has been an interesting class, with the Professor focused heavily on the Spirit of God. He believes that the Spirit is alive and well in the Church today. I’ll try to get to that later.

So, the first Gathering Week is almost over. My take so far? Great. I can see this being the trend of on-line learning as we progress. Remember, I have a mix of classes – online, hybrid, and completely face to face. I would encourage you to, if you are considering an M.Div, to look at United Theological Seminary, especially if you don’t have the time for full face to face.

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