Dayton – Day 3

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For those of you who do not know, Ohio is Hamite for ‘Oh my goodness, I want to go home’.

Today was a nice, long day, filled with better conversations on snake handling – some of us decided that it was indeed a bad thing – Augustine, Pelagius, Semi-Pelagianism and of course, me. I love talking about one of those things, but I’ll let you pick which one….

I’ve come to really enjoy my time here, and do wish that it could be longer – more theological, more face to face, and less of work, etc…

I have met a lot of great people here, and have seen that they have a heart for others.

In my Church Renewal class, the professor was lecturing about creating a theological vision of the church, nature for the first part…and he zinged me. Twice. Yesterday, I told him that I am skeptical of everything and everyone that said that they were moved by the Spirit, these ‘revivals’, faith healers, etc… I told him that I believed that everything must be measured by Scripture. (yes, I know). So, twice during his sermons lectures he actually said ‘for those of you who have to hang something on scripture, there’s your verse.’ And he was looking dead at me. Ha!

But, to be honest, what he is saying… what he over all speaking to… is convicting although I am not yet convinced. I will post more on those thoughts later, I suspect, as they get processed in my head and heart. I simply don’t want to return to the belief system where I cam from. I admit it, I am not a cessionatist – not at all, but I do think that these things have to be measured by Scripture. If God moves, He will do so by the Scripture He has given us… right? Otherwise, what is to say that tomorrow, God doesn’t change the rules on us? Scripture – with all of its problems and interpretations – is what I measure things by.

And yet…. he is right – that the Spirit must speak through Scripture, and through the Spirit, the Church is made alive, people are reformed, and transformed, and revivals break out. The Spirit, but again, must be measured by Scripture. I would highly recommend his books (]]) for those who might be interested in such things.

Yes, the one class that I thought was going to be all fluff is he one that I am personally struggling with.

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5 Replies to “Dayton – Day 3”

  1. the biggest problem for me is what on earth any of these courses you are doing are for? What possible worth could they have?
    Biblical exegesis courses, interpretive method courses, theology courses, church history courses, practical theology (teaching, preaching, pastoring, counselling, etc) courses.. but what the heck is a “church renewal class” – seems like synonym for “waste of time”.

    1. It is one of those things that the UMC seems to be focused on. Oh, I get plenty of the rest, trust me. This is a mix of theology of the church and the spirit, so….

      1. still… its a biblical paper that you’re _not_ doing..
        I only did Penteteuch, John, Psalms, and 1 Cor as part of my degree (along with the others I mentioned), and it was nowhere near enough..

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