Day Four…..#Moderndaydesertmother

I haven’t attended church yet. Even in thinking about it, my stomach clenches and I experience great dread. So, my spiritual advance has yet to include a traditional church service. So, when a person is unable to go to church….how is God encountered?
I know I am clergy and often view life through a theological lens that others do not y et have in place. I see God in movies, discussions, in music, in books, and the list goes on. Turning on that lens is life changing. But that is only part of it.
Church, at its best, is about community, communion, and the worship of God. The harsh reality is that many churches fall short of this mark so sometimes we have to find it in other ways. Getting together with like-minded people for dinner and discussion. Taking walks in the woods, painting a picture, going to a concert, and all the other activities we do to seek beauty are avenues to divine encounters.
Every day, the supernatural world is brushed against the “real world.” There are a thousand little miracles and encounters that occur daily. As I have advanced to encounter the divine, I have become increasingly aware of all these little brushes. Synchronicity, laughter, tears, healing, silence, sleep, conversation, nature, babies, friends, music, art, stories, and so much more that of the fullness of life bring us to the edge of divine encounters.

I know I will go back to church as it is too much in my blood and being and manner of encountering God. Will you go too?

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