Day 5 – what has science ever given us


Well… Flight for one

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18 Replies to “Day 5 – what has science ever given us”

  1. What people fail to realize is that man would not be able to conceive of the idea of flight if GOD had not created any birds or other flying creatures. Leave it to those who believe in science to take all the credit and steal it from God.

    They also forget that God gave people intelligence, curiosity, know how, abilities to put raw materials together to make the equipment needed for flight AND HE provided through HIS creative act the raw materials vital for man made flight.

    Science has done nothing.

    1. Wait… you really don’t know what science is, do you?

      You really think science is an entity don’t you? I bet you think science is of the devil, don’t you?

          1. Scripture. And second, Christian Tradition. But, we have to understand the ideology of both before we can understand the theology, something that is progressing.

    1. Um, no, he didn’t. their is a difference between tradition and Tradition. Scripture is a part of Tradition, residing somewhere in the middle. Tradition comes first, then Scripture, then Tradition. Remember, Paul commanded and commended tradition, but it is tradition that harms v. Tradition that fulfills.

  2. Paul was referring to the traditions of the disciples and apostles. Where is “Tradition comes first, then Scripture, then Tradition.” in the Bible? Who coined that expression?

  3. “Doctrine” is ultimately just man’s explanation for the Word of God. The tradition of the apostles are pretty much the only tradition I’ll accept.
    (I’ve been known to accept other traditions as well, and I’ve repented, and I ask the Lord to show me more.) I was a pastor of a church and I even took tithes. Those are all traditions that I have repented of. Pastors and church buildings may have been done with good intentions, but I honestly believe it prevents more than it allows. The Lord never mandated church buildings, pastors as an office with a “salary”. Do I believe there are humble believers in the pulpit and the pews? Absolutely.

    1. But, you have no foundation for any of that without Tradition. Tradition proceeds Scripture because Scripture is the codification of Tradition. From Scripture, Tradition develops as the Church determines, hopefully following the move of the Spirit, the right progression.

      The New Testament was never meant to lay everything down – as a matter of fact, Paul never intended for the Church to continue much longer, with the end of the age in his time – so a proper progression is warranted.

  4. Tradition is really the codification of scripture? The Nicean council didn’t choose the books of the Bible, they just affirmed the books that were already accepted by the body..

    1. Um… no. Other lists pre-dated and post-dated Nicea, including books no longer in our canon.

      Tradition (Law of Moses, for instance) was codified into a written document later one. the words of the prophets.. etc… The Jesus tradition came before Paul and Paul before the Gospels.

      What do you think Paul was preaching? He was preaching Tradition.

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