Day 1B – Jesus Criteria Conference

Got to spend the break talking with Mark Goodacre, John C. Piorier, and Bill Heroman. That was awesome.


Dale C. Allison Jr., Dagmar Winter, and Barry Swartz are responding to Keith and Schröter.

Not sure I could handle this. Allison is fun. Oh boy… Taking on those who seek a more scientific approach to Gospel Criticism. Oh boy… Do not read my ninth chapter… Although I don’t really do that… I engage science to test the value of certain theoretical models.

Cannot detach the interpretation from the interpreted.

Winter is up. About the heart of the gospel tradition. Disagrees somewhat with Keith about the meaning of authenticity. Um…. Her presentation is tomorrow. Sees criteria as methodological controls.

Barry Swartz is up. He is a sociologist. Awesome. Social memory. Bam. Marx. Darwin. Swartz is a powerful voice for social memory concepts. Oh my goodness… Phenomenology. And there it goes… I’m in love. Well, lust maybe.

Wow. That is a major theological statement. No communion with the historical Jesus. Communion is not about catching Jesus.

His concept of social memory is very, very important.

What was he laughing at?

I’d love to read his paper. Speaks about the emergence in complex systems.

He said Q. Ugh.

Now Q&A…

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