David Watson is… correct?

Recently, Jack Jackson of Claremont School of Theology argued for a division of the UMC over the issue of homosexuality. Dr. Jackson is not the only such voice calling for division. Many other people believe that our differences over this issue are irreconcilable. I don’t know what the future holds regarding this debate, but I believe that dividing the UMC, and thus further dividing Christ’s holy Church, is the wrong answer.

via David F. Watson’s Blog: Division Is Not the Answer.

Yes, he is.

We in the United States have taken this idea of independence a bit too far and are facing balkanization in every facet of life. We don’t like the democratic results? Leave. We don’t like the pastor? Leave. We don’t like others in the Church? Leave.

Kudos to Dr. Watson for this stand. Regardless of how he feels about the homosexuality issue, he is correct here.

Of course, this brings us to the question as to if one schism is wrong… aren’t all?

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