David Barton knows about God about as much as he knows about Thomas Jefferson

According to David Barton, God wants you to be a selfish, rich millionaire:

“and there’s no way God is going to bless that … because we’re not following his laws.”

But not only is God not going to bless our government, He is “actually going to come down and oppose” it, coming straight out of Heaven to say “what’s going on down here? This isn’t what I ordained”

Barton: God Will Come Out of Heaven to Oppose Our Unbiblical Economic System | rightwingwatch.org.

Not only has David never read the New Testament, John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, but he has obviously never read Thomas Aquinas or St. Francis.

What about – Sell all you got and give it to the poor.

Yeah… that’s Jesus.

So, Barton goes on Copeland – anything to make a dollar – and pulls an Henry Ward Beecher…

And yet… people will listen to both of them….

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3 Replies to “David Barton knows about God about as much as he knows about Thomas Jefferson”

  1. Somebody like him would have almost no intellectual or political traction north of the forty-ninth. A case could be made, I suppose, that all the founders of Canada were Christians, being either French Catholics or British Prods (roughly), the Jesuits converted or tried to convert Natives, etc., ergo Canada is a Christian country, therefore vote for the Christian Right (a small, politically and ecclesially unsuccessful constituency in Canada!). But very, very few in Canada would swallow such an argument.

    Why is the U.S. so different?

  2. Seems like I need to do some research on Barton. The past two weeks have been the first time I have heard of him. He is right on one thing–America and basically all other world governments are NOT following God or His laws.

    If they were, justice, fairness and mercy would reign supported by wisdom and understanding. Education would remove the lie of evolution from its classrooms and true science would be taught.

    But the Bible does say that in the end times catastrophes will come and people will still go against God. They won’t change one bit which is why people like the owner of this blog and others, who have tried to dismiss me, refuse to turn to the truth.

    1. There is no end times, Dave. The Bible doesn’t say that at all.

      Tried to dismiss you? What do you think you have any standing to dismiss? It’s like saying we have to dismiss birthers… Or UFO hacks…

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