David A. deSilva on Bibleworks 9

Found this on the Bibleworks Facebook page:

BW9 takes a giant leap forward in terms of opening up the world of textual variants and text criticism. A new database lets users access the major variants in every verse of the Greek New Testament. The manuscript witnesses for each variant are laid out in a chart displaying the manuscript’s approximate date and type (that is, uncial, miniscule, etc.) for instant analysis of the witnesses.

Even more exciting, the transcribed texts of the major uncial witnesses can be selected as display versions. I can read the critical text, Sinaiticus, Alexandrinus, Vaticanus, and others side-by-side, such that the historic witnesses come alive as real texts, and not just as symbols at the bottom of the page of the print edition of the critical text. These are also accessible through a new “manuscripts” tab in the analysis window, together with photographic images of select manuscripts.

The introduction of the fourth window dramatically enhances ease of use. Now I can have the window displaying multiple versions, the analysis window displaying lexical resources, and a browse window showing the verse in its full literary context all displayed across the screen. A new “use” feature provides gives me an instant book- or canon-wide concordance of any word under the cursor. That feature is an amazing time-saver.

–David A. deSilva, Ph.D.
Trustees’ Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Greek
Ashland Theological Seminary

You can pre-order it from here.

I have found that it is an essential tool in actual biblical study. With few commentaries, but a wealth of information on the actual Text, every student must get a copy.

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