Dave Black on Radical Reconciliation

3:37 PM One of the tribes I hope against hope to be able to revisit either now or in July are the warlike Gujis who live next to the Burjis. Since my preaching tour in Gujiland a couple of years ago I’ve developed an even greater appreciation for Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and His teachings about peace-making, love of enemy, and kingdom ethics. I say this as one who formerly sympathized with the religious right and its false gospel of neoconservative ideology. (Phyllis Schafly once said, “The atomic bomb is a marvelous gift that was given to our country by God.” At one time I would have found nothing objectionable in her statement.) The Bible I read speaks of radical reconciliation. My evangelical theology assures me that no tribal conflict is beyond the reach of the redemption that is found in Christ Jesus. Please pray that I will be able to revisit this precious tribe whom God loves and for whom His Son died.

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6 Replies to “Dave Black on Radical Reconciliation”

  1. If one were to say the development of atomic fission were a gift from God, this would be tactless but would probably contain a grain of truth. But to say the atomic bomb is a gift from God is just bizarre. As what many would describe as a right-winger, it pains me to see such warlike ideas mixed with Christianity.

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