Daniel I. Block On Why Ezekiel is a Key Christian Text

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]] writes,

It is high time that the church rediscovered the book of Ezekiel and claimed its message as her own. We too have grown complacent, mouthing profound credal statements and for our security banking on the promises of God, when in reality we have abandoned him for all kinds of competing idolatries. For this reason the book is as relevant today as it ever was. May the Lord rekindle in our hearts the passion for God and his people exhibited by Ezekiel, and may he open our eyes to the covenantal faithfulness we demonstrate every day. (p178)

One of the most enjoyable features of this book is that it allows each book within the Jewish Canon to be read on its own merit with each essayist giving their opinion on how the book should be treated. Here, Block takes us through the deep psychosis which no doubt troubled the prophet Ezekiel who challenged God, said some pretty nasty things, and was into some really weird forms of expression. I mean, the stuff he writes about blood and fecal matter is enough to never let him preach in most pulpits. Of course, as Block explains it, chapter 16 of Ezekiel is a passage reserved for an adult conversation. I mean, the Prophet really, really goes into detail about Israel’s harlotry. Bad detail.

But, he is correct in that Ezekiel is usually only read to supplant the recent invention of dispensationalism and a bad reading of ch. 38-39. He is also correct that Ezekiel should be preached more by those who know how to handle it. Who knows…maybe by preaching Ezekiel we will be reminded of a lot of things, displaced out of our comfort level, and refocused on God.

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