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This is an autobiographical paper. I did not get Morna Hooker’s take on the historical Jesus from her commentary on Mark, but…

Sorry, but I had to finish my editing. One thing… Allison is convinced that Paul is making use of a real Jesus Tradition.

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  1. I got Allison’s Constructing Jesus on McGrath’s recommendation, but McG either didn’t read that my request for info was for Paul citing the teaching of Jesus or he misremembered the long section in the book that deals with what info there is in Paul on the resurrection, purposefully ignoring the Gospels. (btw, I don’t think Allison succeeded in blocking out the gospels). But being a large tome covering many topics, there were some tidbits about Jesus’ teaching in Paul in the book. And of course there were copious footnotes to follow. Clothed in Christ (forgetting author just now) dealt with Jesus tradition in Romans, 12-15 I think. Allison heavily cited it so I got that book too (inter library loan, each book only had a couple of copies in all of Minnesota’s libraries). The case was underwhelming to say the least. At several points he said you would have to assume a priori that historical Jesus and theological Christ were unrelated to miss seeing Paul’s use of the Jesus tradition. Oh, boy. And can you call someone a critical scholar if they think “Paul” and “Luke” were traveling companions based on the “we” verses in Acts? Anyway, McGrath finally came up with some recs in the Faith and the Tardis post comments. I’ll get back to them eventually. Just curious if you can rec to me about Paul knowing Jesus tradition.

    1. Allison’s next book, I hope, will cover that.

      His comments were pretty hardcore about Paul preserving something of the Jesus-tradition.

      The one thing we need to start doing is separating the Gospels from the early Jesus Tradition. Paul knew Jesus, knew that he lived, died, was resurrected and had a family but beyond that, he does not tell us as to what Jesus did or taught, except for the Eucharist.


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