Cyberspace pastoral care.

I have been thinking today about the global phenomena of cyberspace within the framework of Christian community. Yesterday was a tough day for me. Old wounds revisited and new blows causing deep inner welts. Of which I wrote about elsewhere today. A number of people commented, telling me they were praying for me, and giving me encouragement.

Those words of encouragement and the commitment to prayers were very welcome and greatly needed. Tonight, I visited a friend and we also prayed for each other. While cyberspace will never replace the need for and the fruit that face to face friendships create, in many ways the Internet has created a  way for deeper as well as a  wider scope for what it means to be part of a global and local Christian community.

Joel, you were one of the first to say you were praying and it quickly followed with others telling me likewise. I cannot explain just how encouraging and uplifting those encounters were. I’d like to encourage us all to think about the power of prayer and just how encouraging it can be to say to someone, hey, we are praying for you.

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