Curse you Scott Bailey!!!! – “Dr.” David Tee

The last few weeks we have been visited by someone who is claiming to be a “Dr.”, David Tee. It was pretty obvious from his poor argumentation that he has had very little to no training in any sort of academic process, but he kept claiming that he has, and that his degrees are ‘personal’ information (as if anyone who has gone to University in NA keeps that sort of information as “personal”). (here)

Well, right around that time, he started visiting my blog. I do my best to allow everyone free reign to comment – unless they are vulgar – but this guy is running out my patience.

thanks, Scott… and so help me, if I ever get my hands near your neck…

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29 Replies to “Curse you Scott Bailey!!!! – “Dr.” David Tee”

  1. Going to the personal attack since you cannot refute one thing I have said. Of course, you got my statement out of context and wrong but that is par for the course.

    In this world of attacking everything personal about someone you disagree with, there is no way I am going to be putting any personal information on the internet.

    You want that information so you can dismiss any words I say and that isn’t what discussionis all about. You can’t refute the truth so you attack and dismiss, that is the SOP for all those who follow alternatives to the biblical record.

    Both you and scott need to learn that God is not limited to using only those who have ‘accepted’ education and degrees. Just look at the disciples and you will see the evidence for that statement. Your blindness leads you away from the truth and the reality.

    You and scott are both wrong repent.

    1. Um, the Apostles were uneducated pretenders, Dave – Paul was educated in Roman Rhetoric as was the author of Hebrews who knew his Plato more than he should have.

      You are a liar and a self-bloviating buffoon

          1. Sure it does. matthew was a tax collector, he was educated but I should say we can’t say how educated they were, we do not have any inkling of how much schooling they actually had.

            But spending the time, and maybe I should have said approx. but why split hairs over unimportant things, with Jesus woul dhave educated them far beyond what you teach your children and students.

          2. First, Jesus was an ignorant handy-man, I mean if you take Scripture seriously.

            Second, John and James was part of a family who not only fished but could pay others to do so.

            Third, John and James supposedly were related to the High Priest.

            Fourth, unlike today where we count literacy as the basic ability to read and write, ancient literacy was much more advanced. Jewish children would receive education through the local religious community, generally through oral training. Added to this was the training on how to interpret Scripture. Given Paul’s half-Roman side, he was most likely educated with Roman rhetoric. If Mark’s tradition holds even half-way true, he was the son of a wealthy diaspora family from Libya who owned homes in both places and afforded their son all the education he can muster. Considering that the Apostles lived a long time, they were no doubt of the upper classes, given that the lower classes rarely if ever made it out of their 30’s.

            To be a tax collector, one does have to the be educated.

            So, try again.

  2. I wrote that post after a few weeks of “Dr.” David… oh wait, let me use his full academic title, David… was posting on my site the same sort of idiotic comments he posted above. He has been trying at West’s site also, but I think Jim probably doesn’t allow any of his comments. It’s probably a lot more likely that he found your site from Jim’s than mine.

    We’re FB friends. I’m an ex pro hockey player. You’ve seen my pictures. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to find your hands anywhere near my neck… might not work out too well for you! ;P

    1. hahahhahahah yeah…. but you are canadian, so…

      you should read some of the other comments he has left, even suggested I commit suicide because i teach my children to read Scripture.

  3. Ahh the twisting of words how appropriate. You can’t refute so you attack. Scott couldn’t handle the truth either but all I have to do is tell you what it is and my job is done.

      1. So funny…another false accusation from someone who doesn’t know the truth. By the way, the scripture I used in another thread was correct. What is it like stopping up your ears like you do?

  4. I find it quite amusing that Thiessen is accusing others, yet again, of making false accusations. He’s the king of false accusations! On the old Koreabridge forums, he was suspended for making a slanderous/libelous accusation against me. Immediately upon being suspended there, he started posting under two of his favorite sock names. That particular stunt got him banned.

    Yeah, he’s a loon and, going by the strict letter of Korean law that he demands all foreigners honor in the extreme (but excuses actual Korean citizens, oddly enough, of following), he is also a criminal. We know he’s a cursed liar. Maybe that’s why the Korea Times loved to publish his trash, because he lambasted foreigners, especially English teachers.

  5. Yeah, interesting in an “observe the out-of-control animal” scientific aspect. Thiessen is out of control. I also got a kick out of him saying that I hate him and said hate is because of his pointing out that I’m going to Hell. HAH! First off, I don’t hate the guy. I’m simply not impressed by him, plus I don’t trust him. He’s a liar, likely pathological. On top of that, he’s proven nothing, pointed out nothing about my faith group other than how ill-informed and prejudiced he is.

  6. To set the record straight, what Thiessen had accused me of doing was engaging in a homosexual act and he also posted an assertion that all Mormons have “pedophilic tendencies” (whatever that means). When I informed the site administration of his stunt, they suspended him, deleted his post, and then Thiessen posted during the suspension under two of his favorite sock names (I don’t recall which at the moment). That last bit is what got him banned.

    You can read his screeds (aka “articles”) on Korea Times and his other blathering to see that I’m correct in what I said about his stance regarding foreigners, Koreans, and Korean law.

    Want to know if what I’m saying here is true? Well, you have two litmus tests: 1-you can contact the KB site admins or 2-you can realize I’m not Thiessen! 😀 😀 😀

    FTR: His “usual suspects” accounts are often from this short list:

    The Preacher
    archaeologist (with or without a bunch of numbers at the end)

  7. Yeah, I saw that. What a tool!

    I left out one of his oft used handles: notopri. Seriously, check out some of the conversations in which he’s been engaged in various fora and see how many postings are from the names on that list. Surreal doesn’t even come close to describing it. It’s more like Twilight Zone or Outer Limits.

    Funny thing is that he accuses me of engaging in attacks on him on boards where I’ve never posted and also with using socks. I’ve never used a sock account and have made it clear that on some boards I use the moniker CentralCali, on others the moniker Monty, and yet others the moniker johnhenry. The reasons for that stem from requirements of some boards a while back to have usernames differ significantly from others and on other boards simply adding numbers to the userid–I don’t like to have the numerals in my online moniker. What I’ve never done and never will do is post on one site under two or more userids.

    Another funny thing is his complaining about people not confronting him on the site he runs. He’s already publicly stated he wouldn’t allow a Mormon to post there. Nice bit of hypocrisy there, hey? But, then, of course, that’s nothing new with that particular individual.

        1. Drat! I misspelled “plagiarized”. Oh, well. It’s not like the good doctor has the English language skills to notice.

  8. And we now know the loon isn’t familiar with the Internet term “sock”. What I listed above are the names I use on various fora: one name per forum. A sock is a posting name someone uses in addition to another posting name on the same forum in an attempt to show that his postings have support. Of course, that rarely works. Again, I have never used nor will I ever use a sock account. You know, my being a practicing Christian has me following that whole “shalt not bear false witness” thing. Thiessen might wish to consider doing that for a change.

  9. Someone was jerking “Dr Tee” around over at the Idiots of Korea site. The clues that it wasn’t me were:

    1. First off, I don’t use sock accounts.
    2. The person jerking him around used the user id of centralcali. You’ll not that on the forums I use “CentralCali” the user id has two capital Cs.
    3. That person’s writing style is far different from mine.
    4. That person stated that he’d been kicked out of the Navy. I, on the other hand, retired after 20 years of honorable service.
    5. That person stated that he graduated with a degree in Linguistics from a university without accreditation. My university, though, is certainly accredited as it is, in fact, one of the top ten public universities in the US and one of the top 40 universities in the US.

    The whole thing was apparently done to see how far “Dr Tee” would run with being tweaked. I certainly didn’t find it that amusing. One of the posters on IOK who also happens to post over at Dave’s contacted me to see if I happen to be “centralcali” on IOK. I am not and posted that fact on IOK, after joining for the purpose of posting that information. The site administration informed me that they have directed that poster to cease the charade and they have changed his userid to, the last I checked, “noname”.

    To reiterate: I have never used a sock account and never will. I consider such to be juvenile attempts at humor.

  10. Item two in the post above should read as follows:

    2. The person jerking him around used the user id of centralcali. You’ll note that on the forums I use “CentralCali” the user id has two capital Cs.

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