Starting on 12 Jan., this post will be a diary of the trip.

Day 1:

My son seems to think if I end of up jail, it’s okay for him to do the same.





more lexington


florida coast

As I am waiting for my bags, Sr. David Watson turn to me and said, “wouldn’t it be funny if they left your bags?”

Well they did. They sent them to Chicago. Then sent them to Denver. And then sent them to Miami. I was on the phone all night. I was worried because I overpack. I packed everything I own. Because I hate being dirty.

We have to be at the airport by 9. Because when you fly to Cuba, you have check in 4 hours early.

On 11 January, I’m heading to Cuba with the intercontextual program at United Theological Seminary (Dayton) where I will stay for about 2 weeks.

I’m asking for help. I’m trying to raise some money to bring down with me in order to give to the Methodist Church in Cuba. I’ve set up a account:

Pastors make about 15 (American) bucks a month. They use this money to support themselves, their families, and even their congregation. I would like to bring some donations with me to help extend what they get and to help those in need.

I can’t offer anything in return except for thanks and blog updates. I’m going to share this post, counting down the days. If you think of anything I can offer besides my eternal gratitude, please let me know.

But, consider, please, a donation — small or otherwise. There is literally no donation too small. 15 bucks is one month’s salary. 6 bucks buys a lot of food.

Please share this post and ask your friends to help — that is a huge help.

And thank you.

See Dr David Watson’s post from earlier in the year.

(Thanks to DI, GH, BS, SC, TM, , PP, BD, DO, ES, CS, DN, NO, LR, and LB for their support!)