Maybe that infernal doctrine will finally cease… But we’ve said the same thing Arians, Gnostics, and other heresies as well…

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11 Replies to “Creationists”

    1. No… they are not.
      They have perverted a term (creationist), scared the truth out of people with their perverted eisogesis of the biblical texts. They can not explain away evolution, even if it were false, the way they go about it is an abomination in a Christian sense.

      We hate them because they stand for everything bad that exists in Christianity. Disgusting, foul, perversions of the truth.

      1. Evolution destroys itself and we do not need to explain it away. It cannot find one real piece of evidence to support its claim. Here is a question for you: if evolution were true, why can’t the evolutionary scientists replicate one claimed historical transition?

        All they do is work with fully developed genes and claim evolution took place or was responsible but they cannot start with a one celled animal or bacteria and reproduce the change of events. That fact alone destroys the evolutionary theory making it untrue and non-existent.

        You see, evolutionists cannot even reproduce the original conditions that were present when it all supposedly started but we creationists can. We can point to the universe and show the vacumn that existed, we can point to the present day atmosphere and show that it existed when man was created.

        We can point to reproduction and show how it all goes as God ordered it to. The failed hybrid experiments support Genesis 1. The problem is for evolutionists is that they are trying to force creation into their model when the act of creation was not done in the manner that would fit in that model.

        Creation was a one time, supernatural act, secular science was designed on purpose to omit that fact and look in the wrong direction and the wrong places for ‘answers’. You are not going to be able to make creation fit secular ideas and models nor will you get the evidence you want to support evolution.

        1. What a load of rubbish. I’m not a scientist.. but I am pretty sure from even my basic knowledge of evolutionary science that pretty much everything you wrote is a straw man.

          We can and have observed evolution taking place (google Lake Malawi for an example). We know that the universe is VERY old.. either God deceptively created a universe that is young but looks old.. or the universe is actually very old..

          Oh I know.. perhaps light doesnt actually travel at the speed of light, so it doesnt take hundreds of millions of years to get places.. God would do that.. because He doesn’t have any problem with lies…

          1. Geoff – “Dr.” Tee got his doctorate out of a cracker jack box… he is nothing but rubbish.

            Unless God is a liar and nothing more than Loki, he has given us both reason and logic to determine the universe around us.

        2. Do you realize that evolution generally takes millions of years? And scientists have replicated it in various experiments as well as observable natural evolution.

          You abuse Genesis 1 like you do the rest of Scripture. Further, even with the free info on the ‘net, you seem to be ignorant of everything. I swear, I think you just pull things out of the air….

          Plenty of evidence abounds for evolution – and plenty abounds for the fact Creationists whore out the bible in Genesis 1.

    1. my bad.. I did know that.. I really should stop typing when I am irritated about something. Mind you.. that would probably mean I stopped typing totally 😛

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