Creationism 101


I’d contend that they weren’t writing science, but since the Hamites do…

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  1. This isn’t what creationists say about the issue.

    As a creationist (though admittedly very old earth) I would posit two points:
    1. We’re talking about inspired accounts in Gen 1:1-2:3 and then 2:4-25. Thus the author(s) didn’t need to understand (I’m not saying this is dictation) they simply, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, wrote.

    2. I’d challenge that “scientists” know more about cosmology today than they did when these two accounts were authored. We might have a better framework for understanding the evidences but the theories are no more surprising than those contemporary this early Jewish cosmology. In fact I would add to this that scientists actually don’t have better knowledge, but more erudition about their theories concerning cosmology…which ironically turns them into philosophers when they engage the discipline.

  2. ROBERT: scientists actually don’t have better knowledge

    I couldn’t disagree more.

    We have a systematic approach to the way things work that has uncovered vast amounts of information that the author(s) of Genesis couldn’t even know existed. We can also test various explanations in cosmology in ways that would never have occurred to them.

    For example, we can look at various evidences — microwave background radiation, element abundance, type Ia supernovae, double pulsar tests, and so on — and ask whether or not they are consistent with the phenomena that would arise from a particular model of formation of the Universe (e.g., the Big Bang). We can use this knowledge that scientists have to see which explanations are consistent with the facts, and which can be discarded as irrelevant.

    So in what way can we say that scientists don’t know more about cosmology than people did at the time Genesis was first written?

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