Could you do us a favor?

We are currently near 44 on the list, so you have to scroll down. Go here and up vote us, please.

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9 Replies to “Could you do us a favor?”

  1. Unsettled Christianity is now number 47 (despite me just voting for it) — and also number 158!

    Perhaps you need to request that the two be amalgamated!

  2. I would vote for you, but I don’t do Facebook or twitter. I figured they are for over active teens. I use to do google, but I started getting weird emails from Africa telling me I just inherited millions from someone I never heard of. Maybe no connection, but the only connection I can imagine. And I’m still getting them . Now I’m getting unsolicited prayer devotionals from some guy named Charis Ville who I never heard of. So blogs on religion via anything with Facebook, twitter, or google logins required must be processed by a global marketing scam. Or a leak from the email register of those “we will never make it public”, yeah, and any NSA employee or contractor is not going to leak anything if there are no penalties and total openness. Blogs can’t even keep it zipped.

    1. The emails from Africa have been around for a long time, it’s one of the older phishing scams and has nothing to do with social media at all. As for the prayer devotionals, see if Charis Ville is in one of your circles on Google+. If he is, what he’s doing is sending update out via email. I just unfollow those people.

  3. I canceled google. Maybe I’ll sign up again just for you guys. Seems like the votes are in the 10’s, as oppose to the thousands. So one vote might help. Even the top vote getter was only in the 70’s. but just like being in high school, the most popular is not always the most successful.

    1. In this case, Rachel Held Evans has a very successful blog and has a very devout group of followers. Her blog being in the top spot is not surprising.

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