Could Reform Be Coming to the Catholic Church? Or, WWI/CS?

“Baptism unites the church, not ordination,” theologian Anthony T. Padovano told more than 1,800 reform-minded Catholics gathered June 10-12 at Detroit’s Cobo Hall.

Addressing the first national meeting of the American Catholic Council June 11, he said, “The pope does not unify or sanctify the church and make it catholic or apostolic. This is the work of the Spirit and the community.”

“The pope is an institutional sign of a unity already achieved by the faithful. The pope does not create a community of believers or validate baptisms or make the Eucharist occur.”

​Padovano was first president of CORPUS, an organization seeking return to ministry of priests who were forced to leave active ministry because they wished to marry.

Baptism, not bishops or pope, unites the church | National Catholic Reporter.

But… what would Ignatius and Cyprian say?

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