Corapi as the new Luther?

As Fr. Joe Jenkins says, what “really upsets me about this situation is how one segment of the Church is set against another. Father Corapi comes under investigation and that the bishop and his superior have a right to do what they do; but next he the real enemies of the Church. Then he claims obedience but his personal corporation makes a statement that they are under no one’s thumb…Critics and fans of the priest can now take their pick and decry the other side as wrong-headed or evil. The impression is given that the Church is fighting with herself.”

In Luther’s case, history shows he was also fighting within himself as schism drew near, declaring to a friend, “I am at a loss to know whether the pope be antichrist or apostle.” Furthermore, Luther himself writes (in his treatise against “The Mass and the Ordination of Priests”) of a midnight encounter with Lucifer where “the devil spoke against the Mass, and Mary and the Saints,” but gave him “the most unqualified approval of his doctrine on justification by faith alone.” I don’t know what kind of midnight meetings Corapi is now a part of, and can only guess what kind of contradictory statement he will utter next. But if Fr. Joe’s discernment, that the “manipulation of good men behind all these tensions…is due to evil human machination and/or to the intrusion of something devilish,” I would be foolish to dismiss The Black Sheep Dog’s howlings as a mere “dispute among monks.”

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So writes, Tom O’Toole.

I’m not sure that the comparison is the best, but I do know that this venture Corapi is stressing believers, Catholic and non-Catholic alike. But, stepping back out of this for a minute, Corapi seemed to abandoned the Church which he loved so dearly, as well as the priesthood, when he was challenged. I have to wonder if he will be but a blip in history or cause a minor schism in the age when Ordinates are drawing people back to Communion…

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