Copyright Issues and the KJV-1611

Many KJVO’ers will state that unlike all other modern-day bible translations (which is odd, because there were plenty of translations made between the KJV and the RV, including several revisions made to the KJV itself) is not copyrighted…

The young man, while holding an Oxford KJV 1769 which is actually a little different from the Cambridge and wholly different from the 1611, pronounces that a copyright completely invalidates a bible from being the word of God. However, the young man fails to realize that the KJV itself is copyrighted:

From my Cambridge KJV w/ Apocrypha

The young man has produced other videos as well, one of which proclaims that the KJV has never changed since 1611. If I had the time to debunk every one of those myths of his, I would, but suffice it to say, all you have to do is to pick up a 1611 and compare it to either the Cambridge KJV or the Oxford KJV and you will see very large differences. By the way, there is a movement out there which is a subset of the KJVO group which dictates that only the Cambridge is the pure word of God.


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18 Replies to “Copyright Issues and the KJV-1611”

  1. The NLT should be the only bible read 'IF' you do not own the Revised English Bible w/the Apocrypha Sirach 6:14-17 REB is sweeeeet!

  2. hahahahahhahahahahaha. A dear person gave me the REB, and to be honest, it has replaced everything by the NLT for me. It is a beautiful work and an honor to the language and Scripture.

  3. He's out of his mind. The only true and reliable KJV is the Thomas Nelson 1972 KJV in french morocco. Anything else is corrupted by Satan! Plus, American published bibles do not have copyright. :p

  4. You have spoken well ' good ' Watts! A very dear person gave me the NLT,after that my KJVO went on its way 😉

  5. That's because American bibles, being that they are American, are the true word of God. Even if British KJV's didn't have copyrights, they wouldn't be the word of God, because they aren't American…

  6. I like Sirach and scrabble 😀 Especially the words that speak of friendship.With scrabble,you have to sometimes read the letters backwards…

  7. Nope, you are indeed correct, Bible Monkey, but since they base their doctrine, many of them and in part, on the fact that KJV is nowhere copyrighted…

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